Prince William Makes History with His Trip to Israel, Explains Duchess Kate's Absence

June 26, 2018Jun 26, 2018

Prince William, 36, made history on Monday when he landed in Israel. The future king's visit is historic because it's the first-ever official visit of a member of the British royal family to the tumultuous region, reported Fox News.

England once ruled the region. However, no member of the royal family has been to Israel in an official capacity since the nation came into existence in 1948.

Britain ruled Israel between the two world wars, and they pulled out of the region prior to Israel declaring its independence. Since then, the U.K. has taken a backseat to the United States in mediating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Prince William will stay at the King David Hotel, which is the former administrative headquarters of the British mandate. This visit marks Prince William's most high-profile into international affairs.

The trip has specifically been billed as a non-political trip. William has placed an emphasis on technology and joint Israeli-Arab projects. However, he will also be meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, as well as visiting landmarks in Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, he visited Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. There he had the honor of meeting two survivors who escaped Nazi Germany for the safety of Britain.

The memorial is special for the royal family. It recognized Prince William’s great-grandmother, Princess Alice, as Righteous Among the Nations for her role in rescuing Jews during the Holocaust.

The story of how she defied Nazi Germany is amazing. During the Nazi occupation of Greece, Princess Alice hid three members of the Cohen family in her palace in Athens. Thanks to her bravery, the Cohen family survived and today lives in France. Princess Alice is buried in Jerusalem.

The Prince visited with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He'll also attend a football game of young Jewish and Arab players in coastal Tel Aviv.

“It is the right moment we think for a visit to really shine a light on that relationship and show how strong the contemporary relationship is between the two countries,” British Ambassador David Quarrey told The Associated Press. “The Duke is very clear that he wants to come and get under the skin of the country, he wants to get a feel for Israel. He wants to get a flavor of the country.”

He will also meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. His final act in his trip to the Middle East will be to visit his great-grandmother’s gravesite.

All of these things have been done without his wife, Kate Middleton, by his side. Prince William explained why Kate didn't accompany him to the Middle East.

"[She is] very sorry she cannot be here with me so soon after the birth of our son Louis [on April 23], but her family remembers very fondly the almost three years she spent here as a child when her father worked for British Airways in Amman," said William.

He added, "We will have to bring the kids next time.”

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