More News Confirmed About 97-Yr-Old Prince Philip Weeks After Car Accident

February 09, 2019Feb 09, 2019

On January 17, some troubling news was reported about Prince Philip. The 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a car accident with two vehicles involved.

According to initial reports, Prince Philip was driving his car at the time of the accident. After years of increasing health issues, many people took to social media to talk about how the Duke shouldn’t have been driving at all.

Following the accident, Queen Elizabeth II was by his side. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured. However, one of the passengers in the other car suffered from a broken arm and other minor injuries.

Now, a few weeks after the accident, Prince Philip has made an important decision. He decided to surrender his driver’s license.

The Buckingham Palace released a statement regarding his decision.

They wrote, “After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving license.”

Following the accident, witnesses described Prince Philip as being “very shocked.” According to NBC News, his Land Rover had overturned. Both drivers of each vehicle were subjected to a breathalyzer test.

The police force had said,  “The male driver of the Land Rover was uninjured. The female driver of the Kia suffered cuts while the female passenger sustained an arm injury, both requiring hospital treatment.”

Now, at the age of 97, Prince Philip has given up his driver’s license. In 2017, he officially retired from public life. Over the past few years, he has had to miss several important celebrations due to his declining health.

What do you think about Prince Philip’s decision? Let us know your thoughts. In other recent news, a world-renowned scientist whose contributions helped in WWII just died at 101

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