Man Charged for Terrorist Attack Preparations on 4-Year-Old Prince George

December 06, 2017Dec 06, 2017

The royal family is constantly in the public eye and extreme measures are often taken to ensure their safety. The most recent royal family scare is even worse than usual reports, however, because it involved a young child. 

4-year-old Prince George was the center of preparations for a reported attack. According to Access Hollywood, a man was recently charged for his involvement in the plans. 

31-year-old Husnain Rashid was arrested in England and was charged with both preparing acts of terrorism as well as assisting others in their terrorism preparations. 

Rashid had shared a photo of Prince George and detailed information about him on an encrypted platform called "Telegram." The details about the 4-year-old included information about his pre-school. 

The young prince is in his first year of school and although he is in good care with the teachers and staff, it must be concerning for Prince William and Kate Middleton to leave him throughout the day. 

According to Britain's "Sun" newspaper, Rashid had posted a photo of Prince George cropped next to a silhouette of an ISIS fighter. A message attached to it said that they would not leave the royal family alone. 

The prosecutors of the case said that Rashid was planning on joining the Islamic State in Syria.

One significant part of being a royal is participating in an intense training program to prepare for potential attacks. Meghan Markle, the newest upcoming member of the Royal family, will be undergoing the specific hostage training from the British Special Air Service.

Of course, Prince George is not yet old enough to participate in the special training. 

Thankfully, the young prince is safe and the threat of an attack was thwarted. The security guards are now on high alert surrounding his school and living quarters, however.

Be praying for the safety of William, Kate, George, Charlotte, and the newest royal baby due in the spring! In other news, President Trump just made a vastly important decision about Jerusalem. Here's why it matters biblically.

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