Here’s How Classmates Will Refer to Prince George

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

September 7th marked a very emotional day for the royal family as 4-year-old Prince George attended his first day of school. George’s father, Prince William, joined him on the big day, while his mother, Kate, remained “unwell” due to pregnancy health complications and was unable to accompany her family.

The first day of school is an exciting day for a little one and their parents! However, in school, a student usually goes by their first and a last name, which it is well-known that the royal family typically does not use last names.

William is known as “Prince William, Duke of Cambridge,” Kate is referred to as “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,” and their two little ones also have lengthy titles. George’s official title is “Prince George of Cambridge” and his little sister’s title is “Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.”

According to Insider, royals do not “need” a last name, but technically, they do have one— Mountbatten-Windsor. This unique last name comes from King George V changing the house name to “Windsor” in 1917, and later on, his granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II added on “Mountbatten,” which originated from her husband Phillip.

However, George will not be using the royal last name, Mountbatten-Windsor. Prince George will go by “George Cambridge” at school, an option royals have to use their family’s “territorial designation.”

Insider reported that George’s father, Prince William, used this option when he served in the military with his brother, Prince Harry. William and Harry used the last name “Wales” because their father was the Prince of Wales.

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