Prince Charles Blames Climate Change For ISIS; 1941 Newspaper Article Blamed Global Warming on THESE 2 Evil Warlords

November 24, 2015Nov 24, 2015

Prince Charles of the UK has joined Bernie Sanders in blaming climate change for the rise of ISIS.

According to Reuters, Charles says we're having to deal with terrorism because "We never deal with the underlying root cause, which regrettably is what we're doing to our natural environment."


Here in America, MSNBC reporter Tony Dokoupil was quick to jump on board as well with an opinion piece praising Charles and Sanders for linking a warming planet to Islamic State terrorists. Perhaps not surprisingly, Dokoupil never mentions the words "Muslim," "radical," "Islamic," or "extremism." The blame is, of course, put on us.

But ISIS may not be the first ultra-violent, merciless entity we can blame on global warming.

According to the Real Climate Science blog, a professor featured in a March 27, 1941 edition of the Mason City Globe Gazette blamed a warming earth for the success of two other evil individuals — Hitler and Mussolini.

The newspaper article under the headline "Links fascism with weather" reads:

"Increasingly warmer temperatures throughout the world may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments, in the opinion of Dr. Clarence A. Mills, professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati.
In fact, Dr. Mills believes that the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy may be due in part to the gradually warming temperature of the world. People are more docile and easily led in warm weather than in cold, Dr. Mills insists."

Perhaps they'll eventually tell us that a warming planet led to Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit and committing the original sin.

Why do you think people avoid blaming evil on those who perpetrate evil?