Prince William Spotted Amid Queen Elizabeth’s Health Concerns

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth
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Soon after, Buckingham Palace confirmed the news. Queen Elizabeth II was under “medical supervision,” several of her family members rushed to her bedside.

Prince William, for his part, was photographed driving into the 96-year-old monarch’s Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday, September 8. Prince Andrew, Prince Edward Countess SophieThey were also in that vehicle.

Hours earlier, the palace shared information about the long-reigning monarch’s health.

Prince William Spotted Driving to Visit Queen Elizabeth Amid Health Concerns

Prince William drives Prince Andrew, Sophie Countess Of Wessex and Prince William into Balmoral Castle.
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“Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision,” the Thursday statement read. “The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral.”

The queen had postponed a Privy Council meeting shortly before the palace’s statement, with a note citing that she needed to rest following her doctor’s orders.

Us Weekly On Thursday, it was confirmed that the Duke of Cambridge (40) was on his way to Balmoral to meet the queen. Prince Charles Camilla Duchess.Prince HarryIt is also heading that way, but flying alone. Neither Duchess Katenor Meghan Markle joined their spouses at the impromptu family gathering.

While the palace has not shared further health updates on the regent, she has been suffering from “episodic mobility problems” since May. Elizabeth, who celebrated 70 years on the throne earlier this year, even opted out of several Platinum Jubilee events the following month amid feeling “discomfort.”

“Yes, she was fine, it was just very tiring yesterday,” the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, said during a June 3 event, per PA reporters, noting that the queen was feeling “fine” and “had a lovely, lovely time.”

Despite her recent health setbacks, Elizabeth has remained humble about her experience serving as England’s longest-reigning sovereign.

“As I look ahead with a sense of hope and optimism to the year of my Platinum Jubilee, I am reminded of how much we can be thankful for,” Her Majesty previously wrote in a February statement. “These last seven decades have seen extraordinary progress socially, technologically and culturally that have benefitted us all; and I am confident that the future will offer similar opportunities to us and especially to the younger generations in the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth.”

She added: “I am fortunate to have had the steadfast and loving support of my family. I was blessed to have had the steadfast and loving support of my family. [my late husband]Prince Philip, I had a partner who was willing to play the consort role and unselfishly make all the sacrifices necessary.  It is a role I saw my own mother perform during my father’s reign.”