Prince William, Kate Middleton’s Love Life ‘Drying Up’ After Recent Squabbles

Are you Prince WilliamAnd Kate MiddletonIs it difficult to find the time for romance? One tabloid claims the duke’s thinning hairline has put a real dampener on his and Middleton’s love life. Here’s what we know about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 10-year marriage.

Kate Middleton ‘Bristles’ At Prince William’s ‘Chrome Dome’?

This week, National Enquirer reports Kate Middleton is urging Prince William to get a hairpiece before it’s too late. Apparently, Middleton isn’t happy with William’s growing bald spot, but the duke isn’t budging. “William is a seriously stuffy, old-fashioned soul deep down, just like his dad, and he’s decided to stick with what he has and make the most of it,” an inside source dishes.

“He used to be a good sport when Kate and the kids teased him about looking like a boiled egg, but if anyone makes that type of gag now, he’ll go into a major sulk. Kate has tried to tell him many times how wonderful he looked in a buzz cut. But William now thinks it’s too tacky, and the idea of weaves or a full-blown rug just fills him with panic,” the tipster explains. “Now there is hardly anything for Wills to brush aside, and his head gets cold in winter.”

Everyone saw it coming, but no one expected it to happen so quickly. “He and Harry used to joke about which one of them would go bald first, and William seems to be winning that bet!” the source muses. “She doesn’t like to see him looking older than his years, and he might like it! It’s at a point now, though, where he needs to think twice — or risk his love life totally drying up!”

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Love Life ‘Drying Up’?

This report is completely absurd and offensive. First of all, it’s common knowledge that the gene for male pattern baldness runs in the British royal family. It’s no surprise that William has experienced hair loss, and even Prince Harry’s ginger locks are starting to thin a bit. We find it extremely unlikely that Middleton is surprised, let alone upset, by William’s hair loss. And we seriously doubt Middleton is so shallow that William’s refusal to wear a hairpiece is ruining their marriage.

This report is par for a course for the National Enquirer. The same tabloid claimed that Prince William was blind. The magazine reported that William was suffering alcoholism. The publication also tried this story on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and a few years ago. In that version, Markle was “pressuring” Harry to get a hair transplant before it’s too late. This report is doubtful because it was a fiction.

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