Prince William, Kate Middleton To Stay With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle During US Trip In 2022, Source Claims

Many folks would love to stay with family when they’re traveling, but does that standard extend to royals? One report states Prince William Kate MiddletonAre planning to visit the United States, and will stay with Prince Harry Meghan MarkleWhen they do. This seems unlikely considering the wealth involved. Here’s what’s going on.

Coming To America

Per ExpressWilliam and Middleton will be heading to the United States. They plan to visit the United States in 2022, their first trip across the pond since 2001. three-day tour in 2014. The Cambridges now have some famous relatives, unlike 2014

A source says William, Middleton, and their children will stay at Markle and Harry’s Montecito mansion. “Meghan would like some show of commitment from William and Kate,” a source says. Markle wants to ensure that this is their first royal visit since the American move.

The source adds, “Harry and Meghan feel very strongly about this and think it’s important that the Cambridges stay with them if they come over – it would seem odd if they didn’t.” The mansion is large enough for William and Middleton to have ample space and privacy. According to a body language expert, the two couples are now putting aside their differences.

Connecting the Bread Crumbs

If you see a body-language expert mentioned, you know it’s a bad story. It’s true that William and Middleton are expected to visit the United States in 2022, but it’s not to see family. 

The Earthshot Prize is William’s baby, and the environmental ceremony will occur in the United States next year. He’s expected to be on hand for the ceremony. This is all we know.

We don’t know everything

While ExpressThe two families are currently reconciling. US WeeklyThe exact opposite is true. Their royal expert claims that staying with Harry or Markle would be a good idea. lose-lose situationIt’s an unlikely one, at that. There’s very little consistency over what will happen, so you should take these stories with a grain of salt.

We don’t even know where the Earthshot Prize will be presented, just that it’s in the United States. It wouldn’t make much sense to stay in Montecito for a ceremony in the Bronx now, would it? William is the only one who knows for certain that William will be going. Middleton could stay at home with the children.

This story is a great big “wait and see.” The royal family certainly has enough money to afford an AirBnB, so this story seems unlikely.

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