Prince William Can’t Forgive Harry’s ‘Disrespect’, Expert Says

These are still very raw wounds. Despite coming together last month to remember their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, the wounds are still fresh. Prince WilliamAnd Prince HarryYou can’t win every time

“[When Harry stepped back from his royal duties], it was very difficult for William, and I think that’s partly why this rift hasn’t been resolved, because, you know, William can’t completely forgive Harry for what he’s done,” royal expert Katie NichollOnly spoken Us Weekly on Tuesday October 11, while she promoted her book The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown.

Prince William and Prince Harry
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She continued: “It had a huge impact on him, on [Princess] CatherineThey are proud of their young family. It placed them in the center of attention. It put them on the forefront of the stage much sooner than they would have otherwise. … I think William had always expected that he would have the support of his brother. And I think it wasn’t just that Harry had chosen to leave and to stand down. I think a lot of it was how he chose to do that and what William saw as great disrespect to the institution and to his, to his family, to his grandmother.”

Harry, 38, with his wife. Meghan MarkleAfter the announcement that they were leaving the senior ranks of the royal family, he and his wife,, moved to the United States in march 2020. According to Nicholl, the decision had consequences for the Duke of Sussex’ relationship with his grandmother as well.

“I think, ultimately, it did have to be black and white because this was about preserving the reputation and the integrity of the crown and the institution. It was clear that there was no third way for the queen. Harry and Meghan had hoped so. You are either in or you are out,” she explained.

The William in LoveAuthor added that King Charles III, who assumed his rightful place as sovereign after Her Majesty’s death at age 96 on September 9, is hopeful about repairing the family’s relationship with Harry.

Prince William and Prince Harry's 'Rift Hasn't Been Resolved': William 'Can't Quite Forgive Harry'

Prince William and Prince Harry

“It is Charles’ intention to heal this family rift, to try and to try and work things out, because he knows that this will hang over his reign. There cannot be this discord at the heart of the royal family,” she explained.

The king’s sons came together during the funeral proceedings for their grandmother. “They both agreed to put aside any hard feelings,” a source told UseSeptember. Nicholl claims that their truce was only temporary.

“The funeral was an opportunity for a thawing of what had become incredibly icy relationships, certainly between William and Harry. We were able to see them on their walkabout in Windsor. But I think any suggestion that there’s been a long term and meaningful reconciliation would be wide of the mark. I think there’s a way to go,” she said.