Prince William Allegedly ‘Banned’ Meghan Markle From Palace, Suspicious Source Claims

Has Prince WilliamProhibited Meghan MarkleFrom the palace? A tabloid reports this week that the third in line to the throne doesn’t want his embattled sister-in-law “swanning” back into the UK and taking over the headlines during an upcoming momentous event for the royal family. Gossip CopThe rumor is examined. 

Prince William ‘Banned’ Meghan Markle From Palace?

The latest issue Woman’s DayThis exposes a dark tale of royal family drama between Meghan Markle and Prince William. The story ran under a huge headline that boldly declared Markled had been “banned from the palace.” Apparently the Duchess of Sussex is facing some “unwelcome consequences” after “dragging the royal family through the mud” last year. Sources close to the outlet claim that Queen Elizabeth gave William the task of creating the guest list for the platinum jubilee celebrations. 

William quickly made full use of his new powers, making it clear Markle was off the list. A source confides, “Meghan’s made things hard enough, without her swanning back into the UK and having all the headlines be about her again,” adding, “Wills just doesn’t want the drama she always seems to bring.” 

Markle Distraught over News

This is allegedly the last news Markle wants to hear. “Meghan can’t bear the thought of how humiliating it would be if people found out she wasn’t invited,” a source allegedly close to the California-based duchess explains. Now Markle is desperately backpedaling, but it would seem she’s just uselessly spinning her wheels. 

“She’s trying to reach him but is being stonewalled by his staff. William has made it clear the damage is done and he has no interest in speaking to her,” the tipster gleefully reports. “This is a catastrophe for Meghan,” the source continues, adding that Markle has “realized she still needs to be connected with the royal family to keep her high profile, as public interest in her and Prince Harry wanes in the U.S.” 

In conclusion, the suspicious source insists Markle’s “now worried that William has more sway with his grandmother than she realized, and is fretting that he’ll do something drastic like convincing her to cut off Harry and Meghan — both from herself, and her fortune.” 

Our take on the Rumor

Let’s get one thing straight: Meghan Markle doesn’t always control when she causes “headlines.” Sure, she does court media attention when she appears on shows like The Ellen Degeneres ShowThe headlines and tabloid stories about this story quickly became a hot topic.

Then there are times she’s trying to keep a low profile, but still stirs up unwanted media attention like when she and husband Prince Harry attended a doctor’s appointment, which was caught by paparazzi. The breach of privacy reportedly infuriated the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but the tabloids didn’t hesitate to run all sorts of speculative stories about the visit.

The duchess has not made public comments about the royal family, except for her interview with Oprah Winfrey in spring. In the same interview, Prince Harry also made disparaging remarks concerning his family. He has also made other seemingly negative comments regarding his time as a monarch. Why isn’t he “banned” from the palace? 

Water is Wet, Tabloids Hate MeghanMarkle

This article’s bias against Markle is clear to see, which is why they made that bombastic claim in the headline for the story to simply be about Markle not receiving an invite to the queen’s jubilee. You’ve got to distract the reader with scandalous claims to keep them from realizing this is just another unsubstantiated hit against Markle. 

There’s already enough speculation about whether the Sussexes will be able to attend Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. The current coronavirus pandemic could play a role in the couple’s decision to travel abroad. There’s also the matter of security, with Prince Harry stating, via a legal representativeAny plans to take his family to see his family in his home country are now on hold until he can provide police protection, which is something he is willing and able to pay for. However, those efforts were unsuccessful, so any plans to return home are now in jeopardy. 

This outlet clearly just made up a dramatic rumor about the Sussexes’ travel plans to take advantage of unsuspecting readers and push their own narrative, as they’ve done many times in the past. The tabloid once claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their “worst fight ever” that sources insisted they’d “never come back from.”

Although the story was published in 2020, the couple are still very close. The tabloid failed to predict another breakup that year, which also turned out not to be true. That’s a running theme with this supermarket rag.

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