Prince Harry’s Ex New Comments Sheds Light On Reason He Married Meghan Markle

Whoever Prince HarryDates will have to deal with intense media coverage. Both he and Meghan MarkleFor years, they have been in the public eye. Since their retirement from their royal duties, the couple has certainly been scrutinized. The Duchess was candid about how the new attention placed pressure on her mental health.  Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Florence St. George also confirmed the real media fear she had during her relationship with the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry and St. George (formerly Brudenell Bruce) dated briefly for a few months during 2011. The couple remained low-key for a while and only received media attention for a few days. St. George said that despite their brief relationship, the paparazzi fever was too much for them to handle. She also revealed that tabloid coverage was just as daunting. “Although it was sad at the time, I feel lucky that the relationship was short-lived,” St. George explained to The Times.

“When I glimpsed for five, six, seven days — we were together a bit longer than that but that’s how long it was in the press — what it was like to be under that focus I found it really terrifying and I made a decision quite quickly that it wasn’t the right thing for me,” she explained. St. George, a former model and now married with children, stated that the attention she received affected her in a way she didn’t expect. The media coverage of being Prince Harry’s partner is certainly more unnerving than what the public might assume.

(Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

St. George Compliments Meghan Markle’s Strength

Everyone would struggle with the fact that tabloid media can pry on your relationships and you no longer have privacy is a challenge. For Markle, the former actress was accustomed to public appearances and carrying herself on red carpets, causing her to have just a bit more experience than some of Harry’s former partners when presenting herself to the world. The British tabloid media, however, was not impressed by Markle’s former Suits star life. They constantly scrutinize her. The stress of the media can be too much and it can take years to cope with it. For that, St. George complimented Meghan: “I take my hat off to people who can cope with that lifestyle, but I knew I couldn’t.”