Prince Harry Reportedly Offered To Rejoin The Royal Family During Queen Elizabeth’s Health Downturn, Latest Rumor Says

It is Prince HarryAre you interested in joining the royal family One report says he’s been moved by Queen Elizabeth’s health issues to return home. Gossip Cop investigates

‘Harry’s Christmas Blues’

According to OK!Harry might be returning home for Christmas. Between his fractured relationship with Prince William and the ailing health of Elizabeth, it probably won’t be a nice trip. He’s not going to have an easy time convincing Meghan Markle or the kids to go with him either. A source says, “Meghan once said she would never set foot in the UK again after how she was treated by The Firm… and no one thinks she would let Archie or Lili out of her sight for even five minutes, so it’s likely Harry would make the trip alone.”

This is Harry’s attempt to extend an olive branch. He’d like to heal his family, and “wants his children to spend time with Her Majesty,” an insider says. He’d like for his kids to play with William’s kids and wants to end the tension in the family. Harry’s going so far as offering to take on royal duties while Elizabeth is incapacitated. An insider concludes, “He’s still part of the family and always will be.”

What’s Going On With Prince Harry?

Gossip CopWill give OK!Some credit is due to the creation of pleasant fiction about Harry’s family. Most stories we encounter are as negative and hateful as possible, so it’s refreshing to find one odd story rooting for the family to put its tension aside. This story is, however, completely false.

Page SixThe source is far more reliable that the outlet, and reports that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex have no plans to visitChristmas. There are just too many logistics to run through, and they’d have to already begin planning. Although plans can change at any moment, it appears that the Sussexes will remain in the United States for their holiday.

Bad Reputation

OK!It is repeating itself. Earlier this month it claimed Harry was rushing back to the UK because of Elizabeth’s health. He’s still in the U.S., so that was false. One month prior, Markle had expressed his desire to return home to the UK. It was a hit story attacking Markle’s ridiculous travel demands. However, there were never any such plans.

When it’s not predicting travel plans, the tabloid stays busy with straight hit pieces. It claimed that the Sussexes were outcasts at Hollywood despite their many public friendships. Gossip CopIt also refuted the report that Harry had moved out. He’s still in the U.S. and very much in love. It’s totally possible that Harry ends up visiting the UK for Christmas, but you shouldn’t trust such a lousy outlet.