Prince Harry Feuding With Prince William After Claiming He Was More Popular, No Longer Invited To Royal Coronation, Latest Rumors Say

Are the Sussexes waging war on the Cambridges? Rumors suggest that Prince HarryShot after shot at Prince William, and the future king isn’t putting up with it anymore. Here’s the latest from the tabloids on the brothers’ royal feud.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Furious About Cambridges’ U.S. Visit?

Back in November Who reported Prince William and Kate Middleton were getting ready to cross the pond over to the States, but they shouldn’t expect a warm welcome from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “Harry and Meghan have made the U.S. their home base and their target audience,” an insider explained. “So the prospect of William and Kate going over there will no doubt rock them.”

Brotherly feuds aside, it looked like the Cambridges’ arrival in the U.S. would be inevitable. “A royal tour to the U.S. is long overdue,” the tipster mused. And since the U.S. is one of the UK’s “most important allies” and “there is a huge appetite for royals over there,” the Cambridges could be making the trip any day now. We looked into the Cambridges’ travel plans here.

Prince William Fuming after Prince Harry Bragged about Being More Popular

Then, Neue Idea According to reports, things have gotten more heated between Harry and William. While the brothers had always been competitive, the tides turned in Harry’s favor after marrying Meghan Markle. And after years of always coming second to William, Harry couldn’t help but gloat about his newfound fame. “They might be family, but there’s a lot of jealousy there,” an insider dished to the tabloid. “Harry might claim he hates the press, but he has to admit he enjoyed lording it over William, given he’s grown up being the spare to the heir.” We took a closer look at Prince Harry and Prince William’s rivalry here.

Prince William Banned Prince Harry From His Coronation

Then, OK! According to reports, Harry and William were far away from making amends. According to the report advisors were pushing William for the throne to replace Prince Charles, his father. After the book Brothers and Wives accused Charles of making comments about baby Archie’s skin color, the public began crying for Charles to relinquish his spot in the royal line of succession.

“Recent events have shown palace officials that they have no other choice but to push for William to take over when the queen passes or abdicates,” an insider explained. Charles was feeling the effects of all this. “It’s hard for him to see the public clamor for William to leapfrog him,” a source mused, “even though he’s incredibly proud of his son.” But both William and Charles could agree that they weren’t going to let Prince Harry anywhere near William’s royal coronation. We checked in on William’s plans to take the throne here.

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