Prince Harry Facing Calls To Resign After Netflix Scandals, Meghan Markle’s Texts Exposed By Prince William, And More Top Sussex News Of 2021

Prince HarryAnd Meghan MarkleThis year has seen many highs as well as lows. The Duke and Duchess welcomed their second child, a girl they named “The Princess of Sussex”. Lilibet DianaThey also won several court victories, but these victories were often preceded with embarrassing revelations, especially for Markle. 

Just a few months after their second child was born, the royal couple issued a rare statement after rumors began swirling about baby Lilibet’s christening, and where it would take place. 

A palace veteran went on the record about the leak of Meghan Markle’s text messages and claimed that only someone high up in the royal family could have approved their exposure. In fact, the ex-courtier of high rank claimed that only Prince William could have caused the leak. 

After the controversial premiere of the Netflix streaming service, Prince Harry was subject to a wave defamation. The Musical: Princess Diana. Critics called on Harry to resign or cancel his multimillion-dollar Netflix contract because of the apparent disrespect shown his mother. 

Harry and Markle have faced more than their fair share of scandal this year, but here are the biggest news stories about the royal renegades we’ve encountered so far in 2021.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Make Rare Statement Regarding Daughter Lilibet’s Christening

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Tabloids speculated about the place where Lilibet Diana would be christened after her birth. Some of her royal cousins were christened here in London, but some tabloids speculated that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would follow family tradition. There were even reports that the two were considering a “Hollywood christening,” complete with big-name stars.

Markle and Harry released a rare statement via a spokesperson about their young daughter in response to the rumors. It can be accessed here. 

Prince William approves Meghan Markle Text Message Exposure, Palace Veteran Claims

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After a court ruled that Meghan Markle’s privacy was being violated by a major U.K. publisher, a major court triumph was achieved for Meghan Markle this year. The Mail on SundayHer father Thomas Markle was upset at the publication of a deeply felt letter she wrote. After that initial victory, the publisher filed an appeal using text messages the Duchess sent her then-communications secretary. A palace veteran commented on the leaked messages. It was revealed that Prince William likely approved their exposure. 

Click here to find out why the royal insider believed Prince William was involved in the scandal and why these messages could have been so damaging for Markle. 

Prince Harry Facing Calls To Resign After Netflix Premieres ‘Diana: The Musical’

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Prince Harry was criticized for his silence regarding a controversial musical about Princess Diana’s life that premiered on Netflix this fall. Critics called out the prince for his seeming hypocrisy after he remained silent about the widely criticized musical, though he and his brother William typically go after those who try to profit off of the late Princess Diana’s memory.

Read more about what the critic had to say, and why the musical’s portrayal of both Princess Diana and the rest of the royal family received so much backlash, by clicking here.