Prince Harry Allegedly Forced To Look For Paid Work To Fund Meghan Markle’s Supposedly $117,000 Wardrobe, Rumor Claims

Meghan MarkleFashion is always in style, but high-end clothes can be costly. Is It Prince HarryFor her six-figure wardrobe, she was forced to work harder. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Love, Lies And Drama’

We’re now two years removed from the Sussexes’ shocking announcement. Harry and Markle have settled in California. Who reports the two are not doing as well as they’re letting on. The cost of moving to California, especially in their luxurious Montecito mansion, is very high.

Harry would dedicate his life to charity work, if he could have it his way. Since Markle has a very expensive shopping habit, he doesn’t have the luxury. Markle spent $117,000 last fiscal year on new clothing. Harry will need to find paid work in order to support her lifestyle.

How Much Did Meghan Markle spend?

The number $117,000 is misleading. For one thing, there’s no consistent number to be found. The Daily Mail reported the number was about $78,500, but this isn’t accurate either.

The List points out that Markle and other celebrities are often celebrities. paid by designersWear clothing. Just because eagle-eyed blogs keep track of Markle’s outfits doesn’t mean she’s spending anything on them. Markle paid $30,000 for her wardrobe before Harry was born, so it’s possible that checks are being cut.

These numbers may seem huge, but the Sussexes are great for it. Their Netflix deal was worth an estimated $200 million. Harry inherits his inheritance from Princess Diana and Markle has hers. Suits money. There’s the Spotify deal and their money from green investments. 

Markle could spend $1,000,000 per year on her clothes, Harry and Harry, and still make it through the century with the Netflix money. WhoShe wants to make her seem cruel and vain. It’s a sexist story without a foothold in reality.

A Common Theme

This isn’t the first time WhoIt has targeted the Sussexes using a money story. Last year, it was claimed that Harry and Markle were struggling with baby shower costs. That baby shower came and went without a peep, and they’re obviously still together. This tabloid magazine is very well researched, but it still clearly has an agenda.

Rumors about Markle and Harry’s finances are a dime a dozen. They’re almost always sexist attacks on a private couple.

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