Prince Charles’ ‘Devastating’ Confession Before Wedding, Camilla Parker Bowles’ ‘Mafia Thug’ Engagement Note, And More Of 2021’s Top Princess Diana News

Princess Diana has been in the news a lot this year thanks to depictions of her featured in Netflix’s The CrownThe film SpencerA statue dedication ceremony conducted by her sons Prince William And Harry, and new revelations about Diana the late royal uncovered by royal biographers. Diana’s ex-husband, Prince Charles, and his second spouse. Camilla Parker BowlesThese are prominently featured in unearthed royal anecdotes.

A friend of Princess Diana’s revealed that she received a “devastating” confession from Prince Charles shortly before their wedding in 1981 that seemingly set the tone for their doomed union. 

According to a new documentary about the late people’s princess, Camilla Parker Bowles sent her romantic rival a “congratulatory” note in honor of Princess Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles, but the undertones of the missive, described by one reporter as a “mafia thug” style message, is impossible to miss. 

Finally, we learned more about Princess Diana’s iconic “revenge” dress that she wore after it was revealed that Prince Charles confessed to having an affair with his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles. The story behind the dress has shed more light on Diana’s state of mind at the time. 

As we approach the tragic 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, we continue to learn more about what she experienced behind closed doors. 

Friend Of Princess Diana Says Prince Charles Made ‘Devastating’ Confession Before Wedding

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The ITV Docuseries The Diana Interview: Revenge for a Princess Penny Thornton, a woman claiming that Princess Diana told her of a conversation she had in which she confided to Prince Charles. This conversation left her contemplating cancelling the wedding. Allegedly, Charles made a confession the night before their televised wedding that had a “devastating” effect on young Diana. 

Here’s what Charles allegedly said to his future wife.

Camilla Parker Bowles Sent ‘Mafia Thug’ Note To Princess Diana Before Wedding To Prince Charles

Camilla Parker Bowles wears a green coat over a white blouse at a hospital event
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CNN has a new series. DianaThe article, which was published on, featured a note sent to Princess Diana by Camilla Parker bowles. This is a matter that is well-documented. Though the note, on its surface, seemed totally innocent, writer and broadcaster Bidisha Mamata explained why it actually was quite the intimidating message, going so far as to call it a “real mafia thug move.”

Click here to view the note and analysis.

The Story Behind Princess Diana’s Iconic LBD Was More Than ‘Getting Revenge’

Princess Diana arriving at the gala in her little black dress (LBD)
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Commonly known as the “revenge dress,” the saucy black dress Princess Diana wore to a 1996 Vanity Fair fundraising event was likened at the time to the shot heard ‘round the world. Just a few days after Prince Charles had admitted to having an affair, Diana wore this dress. The dress is well-known in pop culture as a dress Diana wore to get revenge on her husband. 

Read more about the iconic dress’ history, and Diana’s reasoning for wearing it, right here.