Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Suing Bowling Alley After Being Shot In Their Parking Lot

Baby Blue

Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Suing Bowling Alley After Being Shot In Facility’s Parking Lot

It looks like Baby Blue This is Pretty RickyMore than just his PPP loan concerns, he has a lot more on his plate.

According to reports: Baby BlueDiamond Blue Smith, real-named, has filed suit against SpareZ in Davie Flordia after she was shot in the parking lot behind the bowling alley. The incident happened earlier in the year on April 18. According to the lawsuit SpareZ was invited. Baby BlueThe company sent 37 employees to the venue but failed to police or guard the premises.

The suit also included that Baby Blue suffered,

“permanent and personal injury including significant scarring and loss of his ability to walk.”

Baby Blue

According to Davie Police Baby BlueArrived at SpareZ around 20 minutes before the shooting incident. The musician stated that he was there in order to meet his family and that he went outside with a cousin to get to know each other better. They told the police that while they were standing in the bowling alley’s parking lot, two men with hoodies pulled tightly around their heads and facial coverings approached Baby Blue. One of the men wanted Baby BlueHe asked for his gold chain and Jesus charm. They said,

“Don’t say nothing. Take it off.”

The man attempted to yank the chain from the entertainer’s neck when the gun went off striking him in the left shoulder. According to the incident reports from supplemental police, the bullet got lodged in. Baby Blue’sHe pushed his ribs back and punctured his lung.

A few days later, the shooting was complete Baby BlueHe spoke out about what happened in the ICU at Regional Memorial Hospital. He stated that he was in a coma and was receiving quality care. He also said that he had to learn how to walk and breathe again.

Baby BlueUnspecified damages are sought.

Baby Blue

The Pretty RickySuperstar seems to be the latest celebrity in the news. As reported previously, last year was a record year. Baby BlueHe was the subject of serious allegations and was accused of being part of a $24 million fraud scheme. He was specifically accused of receiving fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), loans, and then using some of those funds to buy extravagant items, such as a Ferrari.

Baby BlueFinally, he pled guilty to falsifying documents to get 2 PPP loans worth $426.717 and $708.065.

Recent news reported that he was sentenced for 20 months in prison for his involvement with the wire fraud conspiracy. A report claims that he is also being held for 20 months in prison. Baby BlueYou will need to pay $1111,345.23 in restitution, and a $100 assessment charge.

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