Press Secretary Sanders Shuts Reporters Down With One Blunt Statement About Kavanaugh, Ford

October 04, 2018Oct 04, 2018

Over the last few weeks, the nation has been fixated on the impending vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination. President Trump nominated the judge for the coveted, lifelong seat in the middle of the summer. 

On the eve of the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote for Kavanaugh's nomination, a harmful allegation was made public. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the two were in high school 36 years ago. 

Last week, Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford each testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The two were given the opportunity to speak openly about the allegations. Up until that point, there was no proof to back up Dr. Ford's accusations, and the witnesses that she mentioned denied knowing anything about it. 

Following the hearing, the Judiciary Committee chose to vote "yes" on Kavanaugh and send the vote forth to the Senate. At that point, President Trump called for a shortened FBI investigation to further ease the mind of the voters. 

While there have been several issues with this entire process, as noted by President Trump and other Republican leaders, there is one thing that Republicans have pointed out as the biggest problem: the Democrats held no regard for Brett Kavanaugh or for Dr. Ford in the matter. 

Leaders have pointed out that rather than bringing this case privately to the committee during the interim period before the vote, the accusations were first exposed by mainstream media. Democrats have since said that it was Dr. Ford's choice to keep everything private until she gave the go-ahead, but Republicans have pointed out that the way Democrats chose to handle it has not protected anyone's confidentiality.

On Wednesday, October 3, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders described the situation in one powerful statement. During her first Press Briefing of this entire case, Sanders talked about the horrific experience that this has been for both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. 

Below is her powerful statement:

"I think Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh are victims of the hands of the Democrats. I think it's absolutely disgraceful what they've done and exploited this process. They are exploiting all the women that have come out to make any type of accusation."

What do you think about Sarah Sanders' statement? Let us know. In other recent news, a Democratic aide was just arrested after a major scandal during the Kavanaugh hearing.