Press Secretary Holds Press Briefing To Respond to Scaramucci Firing

July 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017
Updated July 31 2017 5:23 pm ET

The news broke today that Anthony Scaramucci, the White House Communications Director, has been fired from the position after only tens day in the position. The firing apparently came at the request of the John Kelly, the new White House Chief of Staff. 

The White House confirmed the reports today, saying that Scaramucci had in fact been relieved of his post. The reason for leaving, they said, was to provide John Kelly “clean slate."

“Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team," added the statement. 

Scaramucci's time at the White House was filled with conflict. His appointment caused Sean Spicer to resign, and later Reince Priebus also resigned after reported pressure form Scaramucci. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be holding a press briefing to announce his resignation. Stay tuned for real-time updates. 

The press asked if Scaramucci has another role in the White House. Sanders responded saying that he does not have a role at this time. She declined to answer why he left, and if he left voluntarily. 

"Was it a chain of command issue because Scaramucci said he had a direct line of communication to the president," asked a reporter. He added, "Or did it have anything to do with the interview he gave?" 

"The President certainly thought it was inappropriate for a person in that position," answered Sanders. "The president didn't want to burden Gen. Kelly with that line of succession," she added. 

Sanders also said that Gen. Kelly had the full authority and all communication to the president will run through him. Everybody at the White House, including Kushner and Bannon, will report to Kelly. 

Another reported asked, "Will Sean Spicer be in the administration in any way now that Scaramucci won't be a part of the administration?"

"I'm not aware of any changes," said Sanders. 

Sanders also added that Scaramucci and Gen. Kelly came to the decision that it was best that he leave so that the administration can forward President Trump's economic agenda. 

A reporter asked the question we've all been wondering. "Can we expect anymore firings?" 

Sanders replied that the press shouldn't expect any more firings. 

"What matters to us isn't the jobs inside of this building, but the jobs out there," pointing to President Trump's desire to grow jobs in America. 

If you'd like to know more about Scaramucci and his removal, we've got the full story

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