Presidential Race Tightens As Cruz Picks Up MAJOR Supporter

March 17, 2016Mar 17, 2016

Marco Rubio ended his campaign on Tuesday night shortly after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump.  According to, Rubio held a conference call with his supporters in Minnesota, the only state that he won.  In the call, Rubio expressed optimism that one of the remaining candidates would be able to stop Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

Stopping short of officially endorsing a candidate, Rubio had some very favorable things to say about his colleague in the Senate, Ted Cruz.  He acknowledged that Cruz was “the only conservative left in the race” and the best option left for conservative voters.

Rubio explained his exit from the race while also taking a veiled shot at Kasich who has no statistical way of winning the nomination as he would need more delegates than there are remaining.  Kasich’s only hope is to wrestle the nomination away from the people at a brokered convention, a tactic that Rubio believes could end the Republican party as we know it.

“Winning a general election with a nominee that a significant percentage of the base thinks stole it, even though you did it through the rules of the RNC, would be pretty much fatal for the party,” Rubio said.