President Trump Wasted No Time In Renovating Obama's White House To His Standards

May 23, 2017May 23, 2017

President Trump wasted no time in making some big renovations to the White House after Barack Obama left. The President has kept contractors and workers busy with numerous changes.

While many changes have been notable, some are extra special. He had Ronald Reagan's rug placed on the floor. He also had the wall stripped down and touched with gold coloring, in true Trump fashion.

Also, the President was quick to remove Obama's red curtains and exchange them for gold ones. He also had a large flat screen television installed.

President Trump also made a contribution to the property. He purchased a fancy and beautiful chandelier that hangs elegantly from the ceiling. It is truly a marvelous place.

So, did you know about these changes? Did you realize the White House was so large?

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