President Trump Tweets Powerful Message as Hurricane Florence Nears

September 12, 2018Sep 12, 2018

One of the biggest natural disasters in recent history could potentially occur this week on the East coast. Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall on the Carolina coasts and could spell major trouble for millions of people.

Officials have been warning anyone who may be in the area that they need to leave immediately or risk losing their lives. The storm is set to be a monstrous event and could destroy a lot of homes and property.

On Wednesday, President Trump issued a major warning to anyone thinking of staying in the area. The President has been doing an excellent job at keeping people up to date with warnings and information about the storm this past week.

"NOAA's National Weather Service said in a tweet that its 'weakening' only refers to maximum winds. The wind field has expanded and "storm surge potential are still at catastrophic levels," reported Fox News.

The storm is currently producing extremely high winds. At one time the wind speed reached nearly 140 mph. The storm is set to make landfall on Thursday night or potentially Friday morning. Experts are also predicting it could be Category 4 storm.

Please join us in praying for everyone in the area! In other recent news, be sure and read about the FDA's scary new warning against "touching or eating" this popular children's food. 

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