President Trump Shares Photo Of First Cabinet Meeting, But Can You See What's Missing?

March 14, 2017Mar 14, 2017

On Monday, President Trump held his first cabinet meeting since taking office last January. In a photo shared on the president's social media page, the group looked eager to get to work.

While it was a great occasion to celebrate, something noticeable was missing from the photo.

“We have four empty seats, which is a terrible thing," President Trump said.

“Because the Senate Democrats are continuing to obstruct the confirmation of our nominees for the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture, the director of national intelligence and the United States Trade Representative, somebody I want very badly. … The main victim of this very partisan obstruction is the American public,” President Trump continued.

The four missing members of the cabinet are former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue, nominated for secretary of Agriculture; Alex Acosta, nominated for secretary of Labor; former senator Dan Coats, nominated for national intelligence director; and Robert Lighthizer, nominated to be the United States trade representative.

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, noted that "Their absence will clearly be felt as this administration comes together for the first time to receive guidance from and provide counsel to the president on these unique areas of jurisdiction."

What do you think about this? Do you agree with the president?

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