President Trump to Donate His Own Money to Help Harvey Victims

August 31, 2017Aug 31, 2017

As celebrities and Americans across the nation donate between $10 and $1 million each to help the huge number of Hurricane Harvey victims recovery from the massive amount of damage that has been wreaked upon Texas and Louisiana, President Trump now has pledged his own money to help as well.

On Tuesday, award-winning actress Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. The same day, actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio donated $1 million to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. Well-known television host Ellen DeGeneres also donated a million to NFL player J.J. Watt’s hugely popular fund for Harvey relief.

Now President Trump has followed suit with a million of his own money, according to the Associated Press. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement on Thursday from the White House in response to a reporter demanding to know what the president and his family were personally doing to help.

"He would like to join in the efforts that a lot of people we have seen across the country do," Sanders said, according to CNN.

In a move he’s made in the past, Trump asked reporters to give him ideas on which relief organization to give the money to.

"He actually asked that I check with the folks in this room since you are very good at research and have been doing a lot of reporting into the groups and organizations that are best and most effective in helping and providing aid, and he'd like some suggestions from the folks here. And I'd be happy to take those," Sanders explained.

Watch that moment in the press conference:

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