President Trump Shares His Latest Thoughts On Early Education and Why It Matters

February 15, 2017Feb 15, 2017

“We want every child in America to have the opportunity to climb the ladder to success, as well as have a safe community, great school and to one day secure a well-paying job or own a business. It all begins with education and that’s why we’re here this morning.”
-Donald J. Trump

During Trump’s presidential campaign, he made many promises that he quickly delivered after his inauguration.

One highly interested topic is early education. Back in September of 2016 Trump mentioned, “Child care is such a big problem. We're going to solve that problem. That means we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and ensure they have affordable quality child care for their kids." Trump is currently working on fulfilling that promise.

He recently appointed Betsy DeVos as the United States Secretary of Education to help solve the crisis. The crisis: parents need a job to pay for childcare, but vice versa need childcare to have a job. The cost of childcare and the ability for parents to have access to quality education have been major issues in the U.S. for quite some time now, especially for low-income and minority families.

Trump is preparing to make America great in the area of education by listening and learning from various parents and educators. The end goal is to bring back higher paying jobs. Education is necessary to do so. Trump mentions, “It all begins with education...I will do my job and Betsy will do her job.” Together, what will they accomplish?

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