President Trump’s Youngest Supporter Blows America’s Mind!

March 13, 2017Mar 13, 2017

A young 11 year old girl in Virginia uses her voice to speak out in support of President Trump during an interview.

Her political interest and excitement regarding the election simply blew America’s mind, considering her political knowledge ‘exceeding that of most adults in America’.

Throughout the interview, she quotes President Trump frequently and comments on the main issues that he promises to fix for our country, such as immigration.

When asked if people give her a hard time for supporting our president, she says:

“Mostly the sixth graders do...they say ‘OH TRUMP GIRL’ and stuff like that but I don’t really let it get to me.”

People are absolutely amazed:

“Never seen anything like this girl. She is a natural born leader. She is more redpilled than I was at age 25. Something tells me the post-millennial generation will save us.”

“What an intelligent young girl. She gives me faith for a bright future.”

“Future President! #MAGA! #firstfemalepresident She’s got my vote in a few years!”

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