President Trump Responds to Kabul Suicide Bombing

January 27, 2018Jan 27, 2018

On Saturday, January 27th, a tragic terror attack struck the Afghan area, killing at least 95 people and injuring more than 158 others. The attacker conducted a suicide bombing in central Kabul by driving an ambulance full of explosives.

Unfortunately, the death toll is expected to rise in upcoming hours. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

President Donald Trump responded to the attack Saturday afternoon.

Trump stated, “I condemn the despicable car bombing attack in Kabul today that has left scores of innocent civilians dead and hundreds injured.”

“This murderous attack renews our resolve and that of our Afghan partners,” the President continued. “The Taliban’s cruelty will not prevail. The United States is committed to a secure Afghanistan that is free from terrorists who would target Americans, our allies, and anyone who does not share their wicked ideology.”

“Now, all countries should take decisive action against the Taliban and the terrorist infrastructure that supports them,” he ended.

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Please continue to pray for the victims of this tragic attack. In other recent news, a Republican National Committee chairman suddenly resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations.

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