President Trump Releases Powerful Statement After Violence in Charlottesville

August 12, 2017Aug 12, 2017

A speeding car crashed into a crowd of pedestrians during a rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday August, 12th. Unfortunately, at least three lives were lost and over a dozen others were injured, according to CNN.

Video footage was released to the public, showing the car crash. It was extremely devastating.

The video also shows multiple acts of violence taking place during the protests and counter protests. It escalated so quickly, that the governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency.

In response, President Trump released a powerful statement about our country coming together. He said, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides. It’s been going on a long time in our country.”

He continued, “It is no place in America, what is vial now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. No citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society and no child should ever be afraid to go outside and play or be with their parents and have a good time.”

Watch President Trump’s remarks in the video below. Please join us in prayer for the victims of this horrible incident.

Vice President Mike Pence retweeted Trump’s video. He commented, “As @POTUS Trump said, ‘We have to come together as Americans with love for our nation... & true affection for each other’."

Our nation is also in need of prayers concerning the threats from North Korea. The communist country recently released a detailed plan for their missile strike.