President Trump Announces Details on 'Merit Based' Legal Immigration Bill

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

On Wednesday, President Trump announced new updates on the “Raise Act.” He was joined by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue in the White House’s Roosevelt Room for a live announcement about their support for a new, “merit-based” legal immigration bill.

The president called this legislation “vital” and said that it was one of his presidential election proposals that he is following through with. He is hoping that this act will protect new workers and reduce unskilled immigration.

President Trump said that the Raise Act will “reduce poverty, increase wages, and save taxpayers billions and billions.” It will favor green card applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves, and contribute to the economy.

He said, “The green card reforms in the Raise Act will give American workers a pay raise by reducing unskilled immigration.”

Senator Cotton said that the United States is looking forward to immigrants with an entrepreneurial spirit who can add value to the country. He gave honor to hardworking, respectable individuals and said that he fully backed this proposal. Both of the senators and the president called the legislation the “biggest change in 50 years.”

The White House released a statement minutes after the live announcement. They called the current immigration system “outdated” and said that change is necessary.

To watch the full announcement, watch the video below.

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