President Trump Officially Declares New National Emergency

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

President Donald Trump made a major announcement on Thursday, October 26th. From the White House, Trump officially declared a new national emergency.

On October 16th, it was revealed that Trump would eventually sign in the opioid epidemic as a national public health emergency. According to earlier reports, the process has been “time-consuming work,” but was finally completed on the 26th.

President Trump has taken a large interest in ending the opioid epidemic—he is very passionate about preventing drug crime and drug addiction. Since his presidential campaign and inauguration, the president has spoken on this serious issue on multiple occasions.

On Thursday, Trump stated, “My administration is officially declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency under federal law...I am directing all executive agencies to use every appropriate emergency authority to fight the opioid crisis.”

He continued, “This marks a critical step in confronting the extraordinary challenge that we face. As part of this emergency response, we will announce a new policy to overcome a restrictive 1970s rule that prevents states from providing care at certain treatment facilities with more than 16 beds for those suffering from drug addiction.”

First Lady Melania Trump also commented on the matter. She touched on the significance of helping parents succeed, so that their children can succeed.

Watch the Fox New video below for more information.

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