President Trump Meets Queen Elizabeth, See the First Amazing Pictures

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

On Thursday, July 12, President Trump and First Lady Melania landed in the UK for a four days visit during their European tour. Their previous stop was in Brussels for the NATO summit.

While in England, the first couple met Queen Elizabeth II. As planned, they met her at Windsor Castle where their day began with watching a military parade.

They also played the National Anthem. Trump and Melania stopped to honor the anthem.

After the military event, President Trump and First Lady Melania walked with the Queen into Windsor Castle. Inside, they will sit down with the Queen for a traditional tea inside of Windsor Castle.

This will be the 12th U.S. president that Queen Elizabeth II has met during her 66-year reign. Previously, she has met Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan to name a few.

There are sure to be official photos from inside the tea, but here are the first photos and video of the Queen, Melania, and Trump meeting for the first time.

President Trump walked up to the tent with Queen Elizabeth. They walked slowly to match the Monarch's path, but she didn't need any help. 

Once they arrived at the tent, they were joined by Melania. They all seemed happy to meet each other, and Trump and the Queen seemed to have a pleasant conversation. 

After the military march and National Anthem, they headed inside the castle for tea. Once again, the Queen and Trump walked side-by-side. 

This meeting is so exciting! In other Trump news, last night Trump showed his love for Melania. You have to see this touching photo.