President Trump Makes Mysterious Comment When Asked About Melania's Health Status

May 25, 2018May 25, 2018

Recently, Melania Trump has been making headlines. The First Lady was said to have undergone an embolization procedure to combat a benign mass in one of her kidneys.

In the days following the surgery, many wondered how she was doing. She was released from the hospital last week and was said to be recovering well and in high spirits.

Still, there has been little sign of the First Lady since she returned from the hospital. At a press meeting recently, President Trump made a mysterious comment to reporters that left them scratching their heads.

According to The Washington Post, Friday morning, a reporter shouted a question to the president about his wife’s whereabouts as he prepared to board Marine One to attend the Naval Academy commencement.

"Trump responded by pointing to a window in the White House residence, and said: 'She’s doing great. She’s looking at us right there.' Reporters turned to look at the spot he indicated, but there was no sign of the first lady," read the article.

Mrs. Trump has also been noticeably absent from traditional events in which the First Lady would usually attend. However, despite her absence, the White House says she is still doing well and recovering.

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