President Trump Makes Major Announcement Regarding First Daughter

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

President Trump made a major announcement regarding First Daughter Ivanka Trump on Thursday evening, August 10th. In the fall, Ivanka will take a major step in her career as White House advisor.

Trump announced that Ivanka will be leading her first international trip, “Ivanka Trump will lead the U.S. delegation to India this fall, supporting women’s entrepreneurship globally.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who made a White House visit in June, also posted about Ivanka’s upcoming visit. After he revealed on social media that India and the United States would be hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, he said he was “looking forward to Ivanka’s presence.”

Additionally, The First Daughter commented on the exciting news herself. On Twitter, she stated, “Honored to lead the US delegation to #GES2017 in India & meet with Prime Minister Modi & passionate entrepreneurs from around the globe!”

It is very well known that Ivanka Trump has a passion for women in the workforce. Since Trump taking office in January, Ivanka has continuously made efforts to empower and encourage women in STEM fields and the business world.

This news comes shortly after President Trump made another major announcement, declaring a national emergency. What do you think about Ivanka Trump leading the U.S. delegation to India? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. Thank you!

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