President Trump Just Did Something That Hasn't Been Done For Decades!

April 28, 2017Apr 28, 2017

In the past 34 years, no sitting President has given a live speech to the National Rifle Association. The last president to attend an event while in office was Ronald Reagan, nearly 34 years ago.

However, President Trump is once again blazing new trails and following in the footsteps of Reagan by giving a tremendous speech for the NRA. As you may recall, the NRA heavily endorsed President Trump during his campaign.

According to ABC News, the NRA is known for their sizable lobbying operation and by raising money for -- and against -- candidates. The group made over $52 million in donations to candidates during the 2016 election. They spent $30.3 million in support of Trump, the CRP reported.

The speech was highly controversial and liberal protesters gathered outside to demonstrate against the NRA and President Trump.

Watch the video below to see President Trump's speech!

What do you think about this? Are you happy to see President Trump stand up for the Second Amendment?

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