President Trump Isn't Ready to Give Up on Charlie Gard

July 06, 2017Jul 06, 2017

Yesterday, British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, refused to let Charlie Gard be transferred to a hospital in Rome from Great Ormond’s Street Hospital in London. Late last month, GOSH said they would turn off the life support for the ill 11-month-old—whose parents’ fight to get him experimental treatment has captivated the world. But the parents’ impassioned plea for more time and public pressure led the hospital to give the family a reprieve.

Shortly after, President Trump and Pope Francis both offered their help, leading hospitals in the U.S. and in Italy to offer to care for the infant free of charge. However, the people at GOSH and the British government are seemingly unwilling to let the infant go.

That decision will change if President Trump has anything to say about it. The Daily Mail reports that The White House requested a one-on-one meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May during the G20 gathering. While the agenda for the hour-long meeting has not released, a source says Downing Street is preparing for Charlie to come up. Since President Trump tweeted that he would like to help the family, he hasn’t been idle. The White House has been in contact with the family, and they have also spoken to the British Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

A White House source shared Trump’s feelings about the case. “The President is deeply moved by the heartbreaking situation facing Charlie Gard and his parents.” The source also added that President Trump has no desire to pressure the family to chose treatment in the U.S., but he will give them any assistance they need. “As a father and grandfather, President Trump understands the limitless love one has for a child and he wishes to be helpful to Charlie Gard and his family, as does Pope Francis and millions of families worldwide,” says the source.

While Mr. Trump fights for Charlie in Europe, a pro-life group in the U.S. is holding a press conference and prayer. Today at 12:00 p.m. E.T. Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List President Marjorie Dannenfelser and Concerned Women for America (CWA) CEO and President Penny Nance will gather pro-life leaders to pray for Charlie Gard. This is an attempt to encourage the British Government to hear the plea of Gard’s parents to choose their son’s treatment. Joined by other pro-life leaders, they offered a joint statement:

“The idea that a government may override and block parents’ decisions about the care for a child is horrifying…This is their child and they want to use money they have raised from private donors around the world to provide him access to a treatment option that has had some success with a related condition. It is chilling that the UK court is allowing the London hospital to deny the family this option, or even the option to bring Charlie to spend his last hours at home.”

They also said in support of President Trump, “Our two nations have a proud and enduring history of protecting individual rights and respecting home and family.  We strongly support the offer of our government to assist Charlie and his parents in this exercise of their natural rights.”  

Please pray for President Trump—that he has success with the British Prime Minister—and that Charlie is allowed to live long enough for his supporters to help him leave England for treatment.