President Trump Hosts White House Dinner with All-Star Cast

April 20, 2017Apr 20, 2017

President Trump invited Sarah Palin to the White House for dinner Wednesday night, and told her to bring two more guests. So who did she bring along?

None other than Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, both ardent supporters of President Trump and advocates for his election during the campaign.

Palin chose them because, as she explained to CNN afterward, “Jesus was booked.”

“I invited my buddies Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, some bold, courageous, all-American dudes who I knew would have good conversation with the president and get to express a lot of good, middle-class, work ethic-type issues and policy proposals that they could all relate to,” she said. “and that’s exactly what happened at the dinner.”

Palin posted pictures of the evening on her Facebook page and described the event as “a great night at the White House.”

The guests posed with President Trump in the Oval Office where pictures showed Palin speaking with Trump and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser.

The dinner party also posed in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton, apparently making faces. “Yeah, yeah,” she told CNN. “I think the picture says it all.”

Nugent has been known for his controversial statements made toward the Obama administration. After the Benghazi scandal, Nugent called for both Obama and Clinton to be “tried for treason and hung.”

Palin’s notoriety has been compared to Trump’s. The former Alaskan governor has garnered a conservative populist appeal. She thanked Trump for the invitation.

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