President Trump Holds Nothing Back, Finally Puts Down Fist at Important NATO Summit

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

President Trump and First Lady Melania are currently in Europe for a series of meetings and for the NATO summit in Brussels. On early Thursday morning, the president held a news conference to summarize what was discussed at the summit.

President Trump focused on five key points throughout his conference. One of the main topics was Germany’s relationship with Russia, something that he spent the majority of the summit talking about. He said that how the US is dealing with our NATO allies is “a very effective way to deal” and that Germany is currently a “captive” of Russia.

Before the news conference, President Trump sent out a series of tweets about that situation as well, holding nothing back:

During his news conference, President Trump also talked about some other key issues regarding NATO. He talked about defense spending and how the US allies need to increase their spending immediately.

He said, “Everyone has agreed to substantially up their commitment. They’re going to up it at levels that they never thought of before.”

President Trump also made a comment about the potential pulling out of NATO, saying that he didn’t actually think that would be necessary because the allies have been stepping up "like they have never stepped up before."

Later, the president talked about his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that he will ask him again about election meddling but that “he may deny it.”

Finally, President Trump talked about his visit he is taking late Thursday to the UK and the potential protests that will take there.

Overall, what do you think about the NATO summit and about President Trump’s key points? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, one of the Thailand cave boys saved some of his friends using one key amazing skill. What do you think?!