President Trump Has the Internet Laughing After What He Just Tweeted

December 20, 2018Dec 20, 2018

On Thursday, President Trump shared a view that has everyone in an uproar. It showed him reenacting the "Green Acres" theme song with actress Megan Mullally at the Emmy's in 2005.

The video was designed as a Throwback Thursday post to advertise farm bill he will sign into law on Thursday in a unique way.

"Farm Bill signing in 15 minutes!" Trump tweeted along with a video of his and Mullally's performance at the 2005 Emmy Awards.

In the video, Trump is wearing overalls and carrying a pitchfork. He performed the theme song for the classic sitcom, "Green Acres," which was about a New York City couple who moved to the country to farm.

The bill he referred to is one to help farmers. Lawmakers passed a $400 billion farm bill that reauthorized agriculture and conservation programs earlier this year.

People on the internet went wild. Some thought our president was hilarious.

Even some of his critics admitted it was funny.

Others—unsurprisingly—weren't so amused.

Actress Megan Mullally, who showed up with him in the skit, reacted negatively to the video. She tweeted, "if you guys need me, i’ll be in a hole in the ground."

What do you think of President Trump's video? Is it hilarious or in bad taste? Let us know in the comments.