President Trump Reacts to Melania's Monumental Speech, See the Special Moment They Shared After it Ended

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018

On Monday, May 7th, First Lady Melania Trump announced her formal agenda as the wife of the President of the United States. In her monumental speech, she revealed her initiatives as the first lady emphasizing the “well-being of children.”

During the public appearance, she launched the “Be Best” platform, which solely focuses on the well-being of our younger generations covering a variety of issues from social media to the opioid crisis.

President Trump praised his wife for her wonderful words of wisdom immediately after the speech ended. He began by thanking her for her “beautiful and heartfelt” speech.

“America is truly blessed to have a first lady who is so devoted to our country and to our children,” Trump stated. “Over the past 15 months, Melania has visited hospitals, schools, families who have suffered from the opioid crisis and suffered very deeply.”

“Everywhere she has gone, Americans have been touched by her sincerity, moved by her grace, and lifted by her love,” POTUS added. “Melania, your care and compassion for our nation’s children — and I have to say this and I say it to you all the time — it inspires us all.”

“Today we pledge to be best — best for our families, best for our communities, and best for our nation,” the President said before announcing that he will sign the “Be Best” proclamation.

After Trump signed the proclamation, the audience cheered with applause before the President gently grabbed his wife to share a special moment. The two kissed and exchanged some silent words with a smile.

Watch President Trump’s remarks below on Fox News:

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