President Trump Gives Speech to UN General Assembly

September 19, 2017Sep 19, 2017

In his first speech to the world body, Donald Trump will reveal his vision for the United Nations and the role that the United States will play in it. More generally, Trump will reveal his vision for the role of the United States in international affairs. 

BBC reports that Trump plans to speak out against Islamic militants, Iran, and Venezuela. It is also possible that he will claim that the United States might cut funding to the international body. Cutting US funding to the United Nations is a possibility, especially after Trump's continual criticism of the world body in the 2016 campaign. It would also be a continuation of his "America First!" foreign policy that appealed to his conservative base. 

Moreover, it is expected that Donald Trump will speak out against North Korea, which US officials have called "destabilizing, hostile, and dangerous." 

You can watch live here: 

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