President Trump Draws Hate for Considering This New Policy on Teenage Immigrants

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

President Trump has been the center of controversial topics since he first announced he was running for office in 2015. However, recently people have attacked him for his stance on ending DACA.

President Trump is being criticized for considering a new policy that will expedite the deportation of Central American teenagers. The teenagers arrived at the U.S. border by themselves, unaccompanied by adults, according to The Hill.

The proposal is being drafted currently, according to reports. If approved, it would allow the U.S. government to fast-track deportation of the teens without having to go through an immigration judge.

More than 100,000 minors have fled to the U.S. from Central America to escape violence and poverty in Central America. In 2014 alone, nearly 70,000 unaccompanied minors arrived at the U.S. southern border, according to The Hill.

A McClatchy DC report also stated that most of the minors are between the ages of 15-17. If the policy is passed, they will be affected by the new ruling.

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