President Trump Destroys Beto, Points Out Hilarious Visual Detail You Might Have Missed

March 14, 2019Mar 14, 2019

Beto O'Rourke has just released a major announcement. He will be running for President of the United States in the upcoming election in 2020.

“At this moment of truth — at this moment where we could make or break our democracy, where we will decide the fate of generations to come on this planet — we must all ask what each of us can give to this country and to the people who will inherit the consequences of our choices,” he said in an email to supporters.

Beto took to social media to break the news. He shared a passionate message with all of his supporters.

"O’Rourke came close to defeating Ted Cruz in last year’s Senate race. O’Rourke was a relatively low-key congressman from an El Paso-area district, but his Senate campaign gained traction for its ability to raise huge sums from the grassroots and the candidate’s charisma, which included extensive, verite-like use of Facebook Live," reported Variety.

Beto has a much smaller backing at this time than some of his current competitors. However, he has experience at overcoming the odds. His small campaign for the U.S. Senate in Texas quickly snowballed into a massive movement that almost unseated Senator Ted Cruz.

Watch the video below to see Beto's announcement video:

Now, President Trump is opening up on Beto and his first public speech as a Presidential candidate. Trump utterly destroyed him and pointed out one thing that you may have missed.

“He has a lot of hand movement -- I’ve never seen anything like it,” Trump said Thursday at the White House, referring to O’Rourke. “Is he crazy or is that just the way he acts?”

Trump added: “I’ve actually never seen anything quite like it. Study it I’m sure you will agree."

President Trump followed up his comments by saying he is prepared for every challenger he may face. He feels he will run his campaign, and his messaging, as planned regardless of who is running against him.

Trump said he’ll take on any challenger, and that he’ll be hard to beat with his record on the economy. “I think it is going to be very tough to beat," Trump said.

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