President Trump Criticized After Melania Did This To Him At White House Easter Egg Roll

April 18, 2017Apr 18, 2017

The annual tradition of hosting an Easter egg roll on the lawn of the White House is a much-anticipated event.

This past Easter was the first time President Trump and his family have hosted the event. However, one moment is drawing a lot of attention from the media.

As the national anthem is being sung to kick off the day, it appears that Melania Trump nudges President Trump to put his hand over his heart. Watch the video below to see the moment it occurred.

What do you think about this? Do you think she had to remind the president to put his hand over his heart or was this just a coincidence?

Either way, should the mainstream media and liberal left make this as big of a deal as they have been?

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We hope you all had a terrific Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!