President Trump Calls the Entire Nation to Pray on Sunday

September 02, 2017Sep 02, 2017

Something of this magnitude has not been done in decades, and President Trump knows it. Though it may ring unpopular with many liberals, Trump has just called the entire nation to prayer on Sunday, following the devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey, reports the Christian Post. 

"From the beginning of our nation, Americans have joined together in prayer during times of great need to ask for God's blessing and God's guidance," President Trump told Christian leaders Friday in the Oval Office. "When we look across Texas and Louisiana, we see the American spirit of service embodied by countless men and women." 

"And behind me, we have faith-based people who are highly respected, and especially so in their communities where they're not only respected, but they're loved — evangelical leaders, Christian leaders -- many people of faith," Trump continued. "And I just want to thank you all for being with us today because we're going to be signing a Day of Prayer, and that will be on Sunday. It will be a very special day. And I don't know when this was done last, but it's been a longtime coming. It's been a longtime coming."

Trump himself donated one million dollars to relief efforts, visiting the devastated state earlier this week with Melania and also sending Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen, to partner with Franklin Graham for relief efforts. "After difficult days, the President sent us here, to say the American people are with you. We will be here every day until this region rebuilds bigger and better than ever before," Pence told Samaritan's Purse volunteers.

Graham praised Pence and his wife for their incredible work, as they rolled up their sleeves and helped to move trees. 

What do you think of Trump's bold move to declare Sunday a national day of prayer for the nation in turmoil? Will you be praying? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments, and let your friends and family know that this day is coming! Thank you! President Trump also just honored the Texas law enforcement for their valiant work in helping with Harvey with this picture

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