President Trump Breaks Silence, Reveals His Opinion of Roy Moore

November 21, 2017Nov 21, 2017

In recent weeks, allegations about sexual harassment and misconduct have dominated the headlines. Many people in both Hollywood and D.C. have been accused of misconduct and abusing their positions of power.

One story that has made headlines nationally has involved the U.S. Senate candidate, Roy Moore. In the weeks since the first allegations against Moore hit the press, President Trump has remained relatively quiet about his personal opinion of Moore.

Now, for the first time since the news broke, President Trump is speaking out in favor of Moore. He recently stunned reporters by opening up about the situation and telling the media we don’t need Moore’s liberal opponent in the Senate.

“President Trump has now echoed Conway's comments, telling reporters before heading to Florida on Tuesday that ‘we don’t need a liberal person in there -- a Democrat.’ Trump also added multiple times that Moore ‘denies’ or ‘totally denies’ the accusations against him and that ’40 years is a long time.’ Trump also declined to rule out campaigning for Moore. ‘I’ll be letting you know next week,’ Trump said.

“President Trump appeared to back embattled candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday, despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the Alabama Republican involving teenage girls, saying he doesn't want another Democrat in the Senate and stressing Moore's denials of improper behavior with underage girls,” according to USA Today.

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