President Trump Blocked Famous Celeb on Twitter after She Wrote These 5 Words

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

The world has long been fascinated by the tweeting of President Donald Trump. Throughout his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump used the social media platform to connect directly with his potential voters.

While many people follow President Trump because they are fans and supporters of him, some have an alternative agenda. One Hollywood celebrity opened up about “trolling Trump” by saying she had been attacking the President’s tweets for years.

Chrissy Tieten, model, and wife of singer John Legend, recently shared a photo from her own social media account that showed President Trump has blocked her on the messaging platform. Chrissy took to social media to share the picture and also the tweet that finally got her blocked.

“Teigen made the camel's back-breaking comment on Sunday in response to Trump saying it was "very sad" that Republicans were willing to "do very little to protect their President,” according to The Hill.

Teigen has been a major critic of President Trump. She has attacked him for nearly everything he has accomplished and is open about her opposition to his presidency. She has also gone on record saying she thinks he is vile.

“I can't believe somebody could actually do this all day, every day, and still be president. It's insane,” she said in February, as reported by BuzzFeed. “I think he's the (expletive) most vile person on this planet and if I mysteriously go missing in the next 4 years then that's what happened.”

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