President Trump Asks All Americans for Help, Reveals Only Way to Solve Immigration Crisis

June 22, 2018Jun 22, 2018

Over the last several days, the U.S. has been in a complete uproar over the immigration crisis. While the laws surrounding immigration have been skewed for several years, the escalation in recent days was over families getting separated at the border.

Recently, the White House administration revealed that they would be moving forward with a “zero-tolerance” policy. This means that prosecutions would be almost inevitable when people attempt to cross the border illegally. However, due to a 1997 law stating that children cannot be detained for over 20 days, this would also mean that children would eventually be separated from their parents.

After a vast amount of media attention and an uproar from the American people, President Trump revealed that he would be attempting to solve that problem. On Wednesday, he signed an Executive Order in order to prevent families from being separated.

Even though he signed that order, he noted that it was only a temporary band-aid solution to a long-term problem. He revealed that Congress has to be the one to make a significant change in immigration, which requires enough support on both sides to pass a law.

On Thursday night and Friday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to corral the American people for one purpose: actually changing the immigration laws. He noted that this will be impossible without Democratic support, but because many of the Democrats in Congress are not currently cooperating, he said that there is only one other solution: vote for Republicans.

Below is the series of Tweets that President Trump wrote regarding the issue:

President Trump noted that he wants to instill a solid, consistent immigration plan, but that it is impossible without support on both sides. Do you agree with what he said? Let us know! In other recent news, ABC just made a major announcement about "Roseanne" but with an interesting twist!