President Trump Announces Move on Gun Control

February 20, 2018Feb 20, 2018

While hosting the Public Safety Medal of Valor Awards ceremony on Tuesday afternoon at the White House, President Trump made an announcement about gun control. The president said that after studying the issue of bump stocks from the Las Vegas shooting, he's directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to draft regulations that would ban devices that would turn legal guns into machine guns.

This is the president's first public appearance in Washington since his brief speech Thursday after the Parkland shooting. In addressing bump stocks, he's also made his policy proposal about gun control. During the ceremony, the president has also indicated he would be open to universal background checks, which have wide public approval, reported CBS News.

The president added that he is "grieving for the community of Parkland in the great state of Florida."

"We're working very hard to make sense of these events," the president told members of law enforcement and first responders there Tuesday.

"We cannot imagine the depth of their anguish, but we can pledge the strength of our resolve," he said. "And we must to do more to protect our children. We have to do more to protect our children."

CBS reported that the president has also called for "better physical protection of schools, and for better coordination between federal and state law enforcement in order to take 'swift action' when there are warning signs."

This is especially significant because the FBI admitted last week that it failed to follow up on a January tip about the suspect in the Florida shooting. The shooter, who had been expelled from the high school, made a comment on a youtube video saying he wanted to be a school shooter.

The event was intended to recognize those who have earned the highest possible valor award for public safety. Last year, President Trump granted the award to the agents who risked their lives to protect members of Congress in the June congressional baseball practice shooting.