President Trump and Melania En Route to Visit Hurricane Irma Devastation

September 14, 2017Sep 14, 2017

While Hurricane Irma substantially weakened before hitting US mainland, it still brought extreme devastation. On Thursday morning, President Trump and First Lady Melania left the White House to head to Florida to meet with Hurricane Irma first responders.

Joining the president and first lady are Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence. Their first stop is in Naples, Florida, where citizens reportedly experienced wind gusts up to 142 mph which caused extreme damage.

On Wednesday, President Trump said, "“I will be traveling to Florida tomorrow to meet with our great Coast Guard, FEMA and many of the brave first responders [and] others."

President Trump worked closely with the Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bassert as well as Florida Governor Rick Scott's team. They wanted to ensure that the visit would not get in the way of any recovery efforts. 

Bossert said, “The president is going to go down as soon as he can tomorrow to make sure that he thanks the people that have been working so tirelessly to help others in this storm."

The adviser said that more trips will happen in the future to "focus on recovery." For now, they will simply assess the damage that the Hurricane caused.

This marks President Trump's third trip after a natural disaster during his presidency. After previously visiting Corpus Christi and Houston in response to Hurricane Harvey, and now visiting Florida, many people are thanking the president for the way he has handled these devastations.

What do you think about this? Please continue praying for everyone affected by these recent hurricanes. In other breaking news, a famous singer just underwent a secret kidney transplant, and the donor was a fellow actress!

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