Health Update on Former President Jimmy Carter and Wife Following Hospitalizations

May 17, 2019May 17, 2019

America has recently been praying for former president Jimmy Carter, 94, after he underwent surgery for a hip replacement just days ago. As previously reported, Carter had an accident at his home before going turkey hunting.

Fortunately, the ex-president was reported to be “recovering comfortably” in a Georgia hospital following surgery. However, his wife — Rosalynn Carter — was also admitted to the hospital for testing and observation on Wednesday, May 15th after she “felt faint.”

According to NBC News, Carter was finally released from the hospital on Thursday morning, May 16th. Mrs. Carter was sent home at the same time as her husband. It is unclear exactly what the cause of her symptoms was, but since she was sent home quickly, it does not appear to be serious.

The two plan to return to their normal routine other than Carter incorporating some physical therapy during his recovery. Mr. Carter will even immediately start teaching Sunday school again at their home church.

This isn’t the first time the former president had health complications. In July of 2017, he suddenly collapsed while building houses with Habitat for Humanity. He was allegedly just dehydrated at the time and had a fairly quick recovery process.

Please continue to pray for Carter and his beloved wife as they recover! May God bless them with healing and comfort.

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